Vulnerability reports

Date TitlePlatformHits AuthorsRisk
19/09/15 Wordpress Plugins Nmedia User file Uploader Pro-v7.3Php756 Sinkaroid
19/09/15 Wordpress Plugin Reflex Gallery Pro VulnerabilityPhp459 Sinkaroid
19/09/15 mediaone CMS - SQL Injection VulnerabilityPhp492 Shelesh Rauthan
19/09/15 VMS Pvt. Ltd. Web Design Admin Login BypassPhp484 RedVirus Maroc
19/09/15 sql injectionAsp522 MRB313
19/09/15 MktbaGold 6.3 Sql Injection (upload.php)Php709 Windows Hacker
19/09/15 Php Automated Job Search Engine Script Admin Session Hijacking VulnerablityPhp487 Cyber Worm
19/09/15 Manage and Development by webhostku Bypass Login AdminPhp533 Aan Ferdy
19/09/15 VENICEMEDIA - SQL InjectionPhp464 bRpsd
19/09/15 SmartEeditor - File Upload - VulnerablityPhp1052 N4z1sm
19/09/15 Cms Liquid Bubble - Fckeditor - VulnerablityPhp465 N4z1sm
19/09/15 Direct login to admin panel without entering passwordPhp569 Aaditya Purani