Vulnerability reports

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09/11/18 Comwave Institute of Science & Information Technology Pakistan Education SQL Injection VulnerabilityPhp257 KingSkrupellos
09/11/18 Designed & Developed By TAS TasPK Pakistan Education SQL Injection VulnerabilityPhp220 KingSkrupellos
09/11/18 Design By Orica Technology OricaWorld India Education SQL Injection VulnerabilityPhp192 KingSkrupellos
09/11/18 Joomla Department of Computer Engineering OmEducation India SQL Injection VulnerabilityPhp218 KingSkrupellos
09/11/18 ev zlx12p manual sql injectionPhp179 anonysec
09/11/18 © 2016 KBE. All Rights Reserved. Powered by SQL Injection VulnerabilityPhp191 Rednofozi
09/11/18 Powered by CORPORATE IT LIMITED SQL Injection VulnerabilityPhp203 Rednofozi
09/11/18 Company - AT-Marine Oy SQL Injection VulnerabilityPhp206 Rednofozi
09/11/18 Designed & Developed By Mars Software International Ltd Marssil Bangladesh Education SQL Injection VulnerabilityPhp192 KingSkrupellos
09/11/18 A product of পাঠশালা inventusltd Software Bangladesh Education SQL Injection VulnerabilityPhp272 KingSkrupellos
09/11/18 Powered By Aem Solutions SQL InjectionPhp181 Bl4ck M4n
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