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Author: Rednofozi , Published: 26-10-2018
This tool written in Python uses features for analyzing twitter accounts, which include:

Average tweets to the user every hour and every day

Time zone and language

User use of mobile app and web browser


Most carrots

Most Rituhat

The language and location of the user's friends

installation method

First of all, update the API keys available in secrets.py.

To get API keys, use the Twitter site website.

Note: To run this python script, you need Python version 2.7 or newer.

You also have to install Python packages such as tweepy, ascii_graph, tqdm, numpy.

To install these packages, use the following command:

pip install -r requirements.txt

How to run

To run the Python script, use the following command to analyze Twitter accounts:

tweets_analyzer.py -n username [options]

Commands for options

Command help


A command to perform quick analysis for the user's friends based on the time zone and language


A command to limit the number of tweets being examined


Tip: After l enter the number of tweets you want.

A command to save files as JSON



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