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Evil-Shock Tools

Author: DeaDHackS , Published: 27-08-2018
Titler:Evil-Shock Tools

Author: DeaDHackS

Contact: deadhacksteam@gmail.com

Github: https://github.com/DeaDHackS/

link Download : https://github.com/DeaDHackS/Evil-Shock

USAGE: Simply do perl evilshock.pl -help

OR :
perl evilshock -t=http://shellshock.site/cgi-bin/menu --shell=bind --port=1234 --srv-persistent

about tools : Evil-Shock is a powerful tool made to exploit Shellshock, what's special with Evil-Shock is that it doesn't base his attacks on one parameter, example another tool might inject a simple "echo Vulnerable" and see if the server executes that. In many case the server wont execute that command but can execute another command ;) Evil-Shock will find the perfect command also known as Injection Point and then execute further commands to gain remote access via the injection point, so far for the first version Evil-Shock can check for 4 different Injection Point:

1 - NSLookup

2 - Echo

3 - LS

4 - Ping

In further version more injections points will be added.

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