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Seagate Central FTP root acces

Author: R3NW4 , Published: 08-06-2015
# Exploit Title: [Seagate Central FTP root acces by R3NW4]
# type:WEB
# platform: FTP
# Google Dork: UNKNOWN
# Date: [5-6-2015]
# Exploit Author: [R3NW4]
# Version: [Every Version]
# Tested on: [Backbox Linux 3,Filezilla]
# fb.com/R3NW4 - twitter.com/R3NW4
# Greetings (H4kurd.com-P4kurd.com-Sako Hacker-Rawaz Karim) All Kurdish Hackers

hello world :D this is R3NW4

go to https://www.shodan.io/ and search for Seagate Central.

Copy an ip of result and enter FTP Program like FleZilla and enter ftp://root@(IP that you copied),
enter user root and password left it blank.

then go to /cirrus/ or /cirrus/system/ and upload your shell.

you will have root acces.


Good bye

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