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Hotmail/Outlook Unauthorized Login Bypass Verifcation!

Author: bRpsd , Published: 06-04-2015
Title=> Hotmail/Outlook Unauthorized Login Bypass Verifcation!
Author=> bRpsd
Vendor=> www.hotmail.com / www.outlook.com / www.live.com
Contact Me!=> cy@Live.no | Skype; vegnox
Date=> 5/April/2015
Founder=> bRpsd ;D

Hello Everybody!
Alot of you guys must had problems with hotmail/outlook verification after you login from unauthorized account/s.

Found a bypass today by just playing on my iPhone ;D

[Hotmail/Outlook Login Verification Image] ==> http://i.imgur.com/0chobwy.png

Bypassing Steps;
1- Open Settings From Your iPhone
[ http://i.imgur.com/wx8KkeY.jpg ]

2- Go To Your "Mail/Contacts/Calendar" Tab
[ http://i.imgur.com/rT07UBy.png ]

3- Add A New Account
[ http://i.imgur.com/Wl8FTnc.png ]

4- Select "OUTLOOK"
[ http://i.imgur.com/xRVgtNq.png ]

5- Add Your Target & Hit Next!
[ http://i.imgur.com/AqBGJMZ.png ]

6- You will have his inbox, look for the last message
And click on the button sent to you to give yourself
The Permission to login from your computer !
[ http://i.imgur.com/gVzVCkw.png ]

7- Congratulations ! :D You're in!
Login from PC Normaly , no verification required!

Dont try this with gmail,its secured i tried ;)

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