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Facebook 0day Reset Any Account Password !

Author: Root , Published: 01-04-2015

#Exploit:Facebook 0day Reset Any Account Password !
#This Exploit Was Reported To Facebook and There is No Respond Yet !.

I-How To Exploit ?
1*First We Need Information About FB Graph API:
2*Second For What We Need FB Graph API:
We Need it To Get Some Account information
What We Need To Request A Password Reset is The "cover_id".
3*How To use The "cover_id":
The "cover_id" Will Offer us a Way To Get The Access Token
The Access Token Name "fb_dtsg"

Go To:
a Screen Shot:(http://i.imgur.com/xvemH93.png)
in the First Case (Current) Write: "QXByaWwgRm9vbHMnIERheQ=="
in the Other Ones Write Your New Password
and Click Save Changes and Congratulations You Did IT :D


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