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Joomla - com_hdflvplayer Configuration File Disclosure

Author: bRpsd , Published: 29-12-2014
Title ==> Joomla - com_hdflvplayer Configuration File Disclosure
Script ==> Joomla
Component ==> com_hdflvplayer
Author ==> bRpsd
Skype ==> vegnox

Ok ,This exploit can be done manually , But i made a tool instead to make your dream come true! :D
And to make it easier exploiting online.

All what you have to do is entering the target In the box, And it will give you the server response in 1 second.
URL Must be entered in as 'http://www.example.com' or 'https://www.example.com'
Else , It wont work.
Once you enter the URL , The 'Configuration' File will be right in your hand.
Exploit the Information via FTP or /administrator panel.
You can upload your shell via 'FTP' or 'Joomla Admin Panel'

Tool :


Just as always,
Demo of vulnerable websites are included for testing ;

Enjoy Fellows!
Thank me by taking down websites whose offend islam (;

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