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Author : Bl4ck M4n

Date Title Plat. Hits Author
02-10-2015 designsforbusiness CMS shop.Cms SQL Injection php 1439 Bl4ck M4n
08-06-2017 CMS Olark live chat software SQL Injection php 423 Bl4ck M4n
10-06-2017 CMS Web Design Manchester SQL Injection php 355 Bl4ck M4n
27-06-2017 i2t2 login Bypass Admin php 880 Bl4ck M4n
17-09-2017 Designed by APP MOCHA SQL Injection php 363 Bl4ck M4n
02-11-2017 CMS Development By: BDHOST SQL Injection php 478 Bl4ck M4n
03-11-2017 Web Technology by Contedia™ SQL Injection php 433 Bl4ck M4n
03-11-2017 Разработено от ИриДа Дизайн SQL Injection php 659 Bl4ck M4n
06-11-2017 CMS Poweres by Oyabunstyle.de SQL Injection php 489 Bl4ck M4n
12-12-2017 CMS Developed by Galcode SQL Injection php 324 Bl4ck M4n
12-12-2017 CMS JKB Web Solutions SQL Injection php 361 Bl4ck M4n
12-12-2017 CMS Powered by PoleNow v 2.6 xss php 336 Bl4ck M4n
18-02-2018 web design by weio Admin panel bypass php 582 Bl4ck M4n
16-03-2018 CMS Design & Developed by Tek Heights SQL Injection php 322 Bl4ck M4n
16-03-2018 CMS Developed by Cloud Innovators Solution SQL Injection php 391 Bl4ck M4n
21-04-2018 CMS Designed By : www.Brandco.ir SQL Injection php 296 Bl4ck M4n
27-04-2018 fairex Municipality Portal RFU Vulnerabilities php 181 Bl4ck M4n
27-04-2018 vertex Municipality Portal RFU Vulnerabilities php 196 Bl4ck M4n
27-04-2018 nunatsiaq Municipality Portal RFU Vulnerabilities php 202 Bl4ck M4n
27-04-2018 swicon Municipality Portal RFU Vulnerabilities php 245 Bl4ck M4n
27-04-2018 wegoma Municipality Portal RFU Vulnerabilities php 239 Bl4ck M4n
27-04-2018 filmbuero-nw Municipality Portal RFU Vulnerabilities php 204 Bl4ck M4n
27-04-2018 toutlemonde Municipality Portal RFU Vulnerabilities php 231 Bl4ck M4n
27-04-2018 eof Municipality Portal RFU Vulnerabilities php 346 Bl4ck M4n
27-07-2018 Website by Webmonster.gr SQL Injection php 131 Bl4ck M4n
27-07-2018 Powered By: www.maabweb.com.br SQL Injection php 134 Bl4ck M4n
27-07-2018 Designed & Managed by: Inspiring Soft SQL Injection php 137 Bl4ck M4n
27-07-2018 Design & Developed by WAN IT LTD SQL Injection php 143 Bl4ck M4n
31-07-2018 Website Designed & Developed by : iNET Business Hub SQL Injection php 141 Bl4ck M4n
31-07-2018 Manage & Maintain by: ChoueriAdmin SQL Injection php 141 Bl4ck M4n
31-07-2018 Designed and Developed by Why Web Developments SQL Injection php 136 Bl4ck M4n
31-07-2018 fairex Municipality Portal RFU Vulnerabilities php 126 Bl4ck M4n
31-07-2018 CMS Designed by DouxTech SQL Injection php 162 Bl4ck M4n
02-08-2018 Powered By Open-i SQL Injection And XSS Vulnerability php 197 Bl4ck M4n
02-08-2018 Designed By: webofy.in SQL Injection php 223 Bl4ck M4n
02-08-2018 DESIGNED BY DADIAN DESIGN STUDIO XSS Vulnerability php 174 Bl4ck M4n
02-08-2018 Designed by ATOM STUDIO XSS Vulnerability php 190 Bl4ck M4n
02-08-2018 dgsite.ir XSS Vulnerability php 263 Bl4ck M4n
09-09-2018 webmaster: jirka@gaysport.cz SQL Injection php 146 Bl4ck M4n
09-09-2018 Developed by Lakhan Thakur Admin Login Bypass php 169 Bl4ck M4n
10-09-2018 Designed by WDD . SQL Injection php 163 Bl4ck M4n
10-09-2018 Site developed by Site Developed by Ac2.com SQL Injection php 172 Bl4ck M4n
09-11-2018 Powered By Aem Solutions SQL Injection php 99 Bl4ck M4n
23-11-2018 Powered By SDS Co SQL Injection php 135 Bl4ck M4n
23-11-2018 Web Yazılım: Devsoft SQL Injection php 148 Bl4ck M4n
23-11-2018 Designed by:MARK-A SQL Injection php 132 Bl4ck M4n
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